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Who We Are

Prime Quid Global is an authorized consulting service provider that consists of a team of experts who are foreign exchange specialists, trained in the business of currency risk management with over seven years of experience.

What We Do

We specialize in offering these services

Online Forex trading training

Investment Consultancy


Trading Room

All lessons, discussions, and trades are performed in real-time while the market is moving. Sessions occur daily, Monday through Friday, during major market hours. Australian, Asian, London, and New York trading sessions are covered.

Our trading room is an important and vital facility for the students of our trading courses. It offers you the opportunity to take part in real forex trading. You will join fellow students for each major trading session and continue to develop and grow your trading skills.

Under the guidance of an Instructor you will discuss the opportunities and likely trade set-ups as each session unfolds. You will be encouraged to share ideas and have the chance to benefit from the experience of others in the room. This support gives you the confidence to develop your skills as a trader, while learning from those around you.

Get Expert Forex Training from the Pros

  1. Authorized Consulting Service Provider: We are licensed to provide consultancy services
  2. Customer needs and success: We value our customers’ growth
  3. Ethics and Integrity: We are governed by high moral standards
  4. Good Reputation: Our company stands for passion and excellence
  5. Professional Expertise and Information: We are experts in forex trading and keeps up to date with daily market rates and occurrences.

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